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Jun 27, 2011. The US industry claims that 5 million trees a year are cut down each year in order to print White Pages directories, and that nationwide in the United States only 22 percent of the books are recycled. (The phone companies concern about waste is somewhat ironic given their intransigence on Yellow Pages. Dec 21, 2015. However, the printed residential phone directory lives on in Vermont. At least for now. Although the white pages, with their columns of tiny, squint-worthy type have disappeared in Maine and New Hampshire, there is an online version and customers in those states can request printed copies. But in Vermont. To get a local directory or request additional copies, call 1 800 268-5637. To purchase directories outside of your locality, call 1 877 987-8737. Ok, if my telephone books and bill envelopes looked like the work of Canadian artist aka paper cutting genius Kristiina Lahde, I would never need to recycle again! The tower of phone books is. Directory- book listing individuals or organizations in alphabetical order with such names, email addresses and phone numbers.

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Delivery of printed phone directories is limited in certain areas. To find out if there is a print directory where you live, check the list below by entering your state to find available directories. Please call the associated number to ask for your free copy. If the name of your local directory is not on the list, it is not available in print. Deliver Phone books. Earn Extra Money Part-time Yellow page Delivery Opportunities in your city. Get Paid 5 days per week 877-581-0555. In addition, phone books are hard to recycle because they are made with a low grade of paper. End-of-life disposal of these phone books puts a. Recently, California Public Utilities Commission approved Verizons request to stop distributing White Pages in California. What You Can Do 1) Contact your service provider (to.

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