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There are 561 members with the job title News Producer on Media Match. News Producer jobs which have appeared on the Media Match jobs board Producer Radio (Full-time) 5250. Salt Lake City, UT. 031218. News Producer Waco, TX. 031218. News Producer Waco, TX. 031218. News Assignment Editor Producer As a senior editorial team member, the managing editor has a key role in hiring, training and coaching most junior staff members on an editorial team. She ensures their assignment loads are workable, serves as a sounding board and helps them find solutions to challenges and continue to grow in and advance their skills. Generic Role Editor. Your role is to edit everyones work, and ensure there is no repetition. You are an expert in English language grammar and spelling you understand and utilize the publishing style required for the project. Your writing is succinct and professional. You understand the language style of the profession you.

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