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Critique Circle is a free online collaborative writing workshop for all genres with an extensive array of features. Improve your writing and meet other writers - Sign-up today! Finding a helpful writing group can sometimes feel as difficult as navigating the messy middle of your writing project. But the rewards for finding a group are numerous. A writing group can help point out inconsistencies in your work, provide encouragement, ask questions and hold you accountable to. Jul 5, 2011. Todays post comes from Liz Sheffield a Seattle-based freelance writer and contributor to LiteraryMama, The Sun and other publications. Read her blog at Motherlogue. Two and a half years ago I joined an online writing group. Id been spending hours surfing the Internet, dreaming of when my writing would. Dec 29, 2017. Camaraderie. Feedback. The opportunity to vent. These are just a handful of the numerous benefits of joining a writers group. Writing is mostly a solitary endeavor, and its easy to feel isolated as you toil away day after day behind a computer screen. Whether you write novels, short stories, screenplays, or.

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