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Learn the fundamentals of professional copy editing, and explore best practices for editing different forms of online content.. Youll develop an understanding of what copy editing is (attention to punctuation, spelling, grammar, organization and established style) and is not (rewriting, proofreading or substantive editing). Results 1 - 20 of 20. Business Writing Training courses, classes, and seminars. Online and in-person. Copy-editing online short course. University of cape town (uct).

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Grammar for Writing Professionals aims to provide students with a thorough knowledge of the editing and proofreading process. Potential editors, writers and proofreaders will find this course particularly helpful. They will gain experience recognizing and correcting errors in accordance with accepted Canadian standards. The table below lists the courses provided by the SfEP and gives an indication of their suitability Beginner for those. Click on a course name for more information, or read about our core proofreading or copy-editing suites in more detail. Course title, Availability, Level. Workshop, Online, Beginner, Improver, Experienced. After a brief self-study revision of grammar, problems frequently found in South African writing are discussed. Register, tone, the structuring of arguments, and the division of material into sections are dealt with in detail and are practised. The course is intended to hone delegates skills in using language as a tool to present.

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