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College Report Form FAQs How do I know if I need to submit the College Report form? To determine if you need to submit the College Report form check out the List of.

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Transfer Applicant. Common Application (CA) Universal College Application (UCA) Transfer Application Instructions Transfer Guide Transfer Requirements Transfer Application Checklist Transfer Questions and Writing Supplement (CA) Transfer Supplement (UCA) Mid-Term Report (UCA) Transfer Majors. Sep 16, 2013. Doing so will generate a pdf version of the Registrar Report form, which applicants can access from within their Common App accounts. If a registrar is not able to complete the questions on the form, the applicant will be instructed to have the form completed and mailed by a dean, adviser, or other college. Aug 31, 2015. If a student comes to you for assistance with completing the College Report form of the Common Application, the To the College Official portion of the form must be completed by the Office of the Registrar. Even though an advisor may have access to the students academic information, only the Office of the.

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