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Google Eliminated paper stock certificates in May, 2014. Buy a share of Google stock here and get true ownership and a replica certificate to show off. Electronic trading made stock ticket tapes obsolete, and paper stock certificates are likewise heading for extinction. Many companies no longer print paper stock certificates, and brokerage firms discourage investors from owning them. Investors who want paper stock certificates need to act fast and obtain them before. While nowadays stock holdings are most often tracked using digital technologies, you are still required to issue a paper share certificate if your investor requests it. Additionally. acts a bit like a receipt. If youre interested in the initial buying and selling of corporate stock, our Stock Purchase Agreement may be able to help. Apr 24, 2017. Know what a stock certificate is. A stock certificate is a physical piece of paper that represents ownership in a company. When someone buys shares of stock in a company, they can receive a stock certificate that states how many shares they own, the date the stock was sold, identification numbers,.

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