Buying A Travel Trailer Without Papers guide to Buying a Recreational Vehicle and Scams To. RV and Camper Buying Tips and Scams To Avoid. Last Modified. RV travel is a life like no. Owners of trailers used with automobiles, pickups and vans weighing less than 6,000lbs must purchase a regular annual trailer plate. There is no restriction on the weight carried by trailers licensed in this manner. Vehicles licensed for gross weight (commercial and noncommercial) may tow any regularly licensed trailer as. May 4, 2016. Issues to consider BEFORE you sign - This is (perhaps) the last post in the How to buy a RV series.. two goals for your walk-through learn what all those knobs and switches do and check the unit for any issues that should be addresses BEFORE you pull away (and ideally BEFORE you sign the papers!)

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Buying or Selling a Vehicle

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